Unique Technologies and Global Reach Deliver Products of Top Quality
Since its founding, the NSC Group has served many of the world's best-known names in consumer electronics and auto manufacturing with advanced die-cast products. This product lineup ranges from video decks and other consumer electronics, through PC-related products such as hard disk drives, to auto components such as steering mechanisms.
As our customers have expanded globally, so has the NSC Group. With NSC Co., Ltd., as its Group technology center and headquarters, the NSC Group operates a network of seven locations across Japan, China and Thailand, forming a global supply chain for ultra-thin-profile components, ultra-pressure-resistant parts and other leading-edge products. Thanks to the confidence and support of some of the industry's major manufacturers, our business results are growing steadily.
A Worldwide Downturn in the Automobile Industry Gave Us an Opportunity to Strengthen Production and Management
In 2009, the automotive industry suffered a pronounced worldwide recession. The NSC Group was no exception and it has endured a significant contraction in orders. To overcome these challenges, the Group took careful steps to make its production processes visible and to enable accurate forecasting of operational needs. These efforts yielded rich results in both production and technological terms: improved quality and productivity, and training of multi-skilled employees enabled us to do more with fewer personnel. As a result, the Group is able to chart detailed operating plans in order to reliably achieve both medium- and long-term targets. In combination, these initiatives significantly enhanced the Group's performance as a reliable, low-cost producer of high-quality goods, swelling the ranks of satisfied and delighted customers of the NSC Group.
Globalization, Integrated Production Systems and Constant Improvement
Today's increasing globalization of products represents a splendid opportunity for the NSC Group. At NSC Co., Ltd., the Group's technical center, we discuss the technical details of product development and mass production with our customers. We then hand the projects to our exclusive network of production sites in Japan and overseas, which turns out the required products to exacting standards of quality. To ensure constant improvement in quality, representatives of the Group's casting operations meet once every two months to discuss possible improvements to mass-production processes. These group discussions invariably lead to significant advances.
Last year, our precision-processing sector began convening similar meetings. Complementing these on-site initiatives are off-site activities in which design and engineering staff members take part in order to improve mass-production workplaces. By extending the scope of examinations to include processes further upstream, the Group has achieved striking improvements in mass-production processes. The three vital efforts, namely continuous improvement, effective response to globalization, and seamless integration from design to mass production, combine to make the NSC Group a force to be reckoned with.
Perseverance Today in Preparation for a Giant Leap Tomorrow
The NSC Group is striving to meet the near- and medium-term needs of the automotive and electronics industries by delivering fresh advances in low-cost, high-quality production. At the same time, we recognize that revolutionary changes, such as the advent of electric vehicles, are set to transform these industries over the longer term. To respond to these tumultuous changes, the NSC Group is pouring efforts into product development research, as well as work on new production technologies such as nanocasting.
The recruitment and training of young talent is an issue of increasingly pressing importance. To develop the leaders of future generations, the Group is committed to education and training both at Group facilities and elsewhere. We also strongly encourage employees to attend in-house meetings, and provide a solid framework for employee training on the essentials of manufacturing.
Redoubling Our Efforts with a Passion for Manufacturing
Manufacturing is a field that requires patient trials and steady, persistent effort. From prototyping to the mass-production phase, great products are the culmination of countless hours of dedicated work. The directors of the NSC Group and I are joining with Group employees worldwide to convey our passion for manufacturing, by redoubling our commitment to the highest standards of product quality.


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