The Okayama Factory is located in the city of Mimasaka in Okayama Prefecture, nestled in a picturesque mountain setting not far from the Yunogo hot spring spa. A fully automated die-casting facility employing the latest equipment, the round-the-clock factory opened in 2007. To ensure stable melt characteristics for consistently high product quality, an integrated melt control system is used in which molten metal flows from high-speed melting furnaces to immersion-type holding furnaces via automated flow distribution units. The die casting machines perform all operations from melt supply through hot trimming entirely without human intervention. This ensures the highest level of product quality.

Name NSC Co., Ltd., Okayama Factory
975-10 Kamifukuhara, Mimasaka, Okayama Prefecture 709-4246
Tel: (0868) 75-7789
Fax: (0868) 75-7569
Five minutes by car from the Sakuto interchange on the Chugoku Jukan Expressway
Site area
47,350 ‡u
Casting plant: 3,133 ‡u
Machining plant: 3,655 ‡u
Die plant: 1.169 ‡u
Office: 688 ‡u
Total: 8,625 ‡u
135 (anticipated total in June 2008)


Principal Facilities
Die-casting machines Machining lines
250ti1j MC i27j
350ti6j NC i14j
530ti1j Others (7)




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